26 février 2008

Set de table

Jolis sets de table cousus avec du tissu en coton rouge. Pour les décorer, j'ai peints des onigiri avec de la peinture blanche spéciale pour tissu. Les onigiri sont des petites boules de riz japonais ;-) 
10 euros pièce ! (il en reste 4 !!) 

Hi all english speakers ;-)
If you'd love to have one of these, you can pay by Paypal of course ! $12+shipping !
Just write me to ladidine1974@yahoo.fr !
Thanks so much ;-)

8 commentaires:

Daphne a dit…

J'en veux deux avec des sushis avec du vert et du blanc dedans!!!DaDAaaaaaaaaaa

adele a dit…

Gorgeous! What a vibrant red and those white motifs just shine right from it.

Anonyme a dit…

J'adore ton travail, quel talent. Je me suis permise de te "taguer"... + d'infos sur mon blog www.lesjoliesfees.canalblog.com

paperseed.wordpress.com a dit…

I love how these turned out. A perfect choice on design and contrasting colors.

Poetic Zakka a dit…

Hi Sandrine, thank you for the nice note you left on my blog. I love what I see here too! Though I wish I could read what you are writing. :) And you look like a very nice person!

mushroommeadows a dit…

hey! I was just looking at your flickr pics and leaving some comments! :)

I love this by the way! It's very, very nice. :)

oh yeah...and I like the way you laugh. I can kinda imagine how it would sound in real life. :D

ShiriMe! a dit…

hi sandrine,

it's been a while since you've last posted here. i've been missing your wonderful creations!

i'm just letting you know i've finally opened my own shop on etsy. check it out and let me know what you think. i'd appreciate constructive feedback.

take care,

lilibee a dit…

merci pour le gentil commentaire!j'adore ce que tu fais aussi!tu as beaucoup de talent!!