19 avril 2010

In my pulverization room...

... there are some blue paint splashes !!

Card... again

... made with Craftie Charlie's products !!
By the way, you can discover my creations on their blog all this week !!
Wooohoooo happy happy dance !!


with a vintage typewriter and a paper doily...

... a pulverization room made of a Studio Calico box...
... watercolor paper, color wash from Tim Holtz and stencils or bubble wrap sheet...

...here is what I made for my cousin's birthday !

10 facts about me ;-)

My friend Nessa asked me to answer some questions about me ;-) tèhèhèhèhèhè !
so here I am with these questions she asked me !

1) 10 things I adore more than others !! :

- the smell of the new paper (like new book, new magazine,...) I can be treated as crazy when I turn pages of a brand new book and put my nose near the book, close my eyes and smell it in the middle of the bookstore aahahahaha)
- craft ! I am a crafter and I can't live without making, creating things ! My mind and my hands need to create !
- cheese ! I am a cheeseholic ! every cheese from any country ! even with strong odor ;-)
- scrapbooking products ! stamps, papers, embellishments,.... it's an addiction... again... sigh sigh (but I don't want to be cured AHAHAHAH)
- Dr House, Pravite Practice, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Damages, Lie to me, Lost, Heroes,.... I'm big big fan of tv series !!!
- My kids !! My two kids, Louis who's nearly 6 and Charlotte who will be 3 in august ! They are my everyday inspiration !
- I'm a japan addict ! I think I'm turning japanese AHAHAHAH ! I'd lote to visit Japan one day ! but before I'm dreaming of with my japanese addictions : sushis, bento, zakka, japanese craft/sewing books !!,.....
- I love home decorations ! Curtains, frames, lights, cushions, furnitures,....
- Cook books ! Even if I have to eat light and healthier food (I'm a lapband girl for two months now and I have to pay attention how I eat !), I love to cook and I love cook books !
- My house & my HUGE garden ! I love them so much ! I am happy to be the owner of such a paradise's corner ahahahah !

2) 10 things I hate :

- hypocrisy
- stupidity
- maggot !! EEEEEKKKKK it's really a phobia ! all these insects that look like, earthworms, slugs,.... eeeeeekkkk I can feel faint ! really !!!! but I do love snakes !
- spelling errors
- crowd ! I don't like to be somewhere there are a lot of people ! for ex. when I go to a concer, I have to concentrate to the singer and not people around me ! I already fell faint during Björk's concer years ago !!
- noise ! I love silence or calm ! I love music but I can stay hours without any sound around ! I need it !
- I often hate myself when I can't answer and retort or refut to people who talk to me like if I were a stupid blond without intelligence ! I am a peace maker and because of that I have the habit to shut up my mouth ! BUT I HATE THAT ! I'd love to be stronger ! even more because my IQ is higher than these stupid people who treat me bad !
- to be cold !! I love to hot AAHAHHAHA
- to procrastinate ! even if I am specialist of procrastination, I hate that !
- smoke of cigarette !

3) 10 (good or bad) habits I have :

- procrastinate
- forget ! I'm an absent minded and often forgotten things !!
- collect things that can be used later (as second hand, or giving a second life to objects)
- recycle ! we try to recycle a lot here and we have also have a compost and food wastes are recycled by our 10 hens !!
- saying bad words or profanities !! ooooooppps !!
- do not use all the scrapbooking items I have instead of wanting so badly new ones ahahahaha
- do not answer (in time) to emails people sent me ! sometimes I totally forgot ! Sorry !
- I am a recluse ^-^
- I rarely finsih my meal !
- I hate to pick up the phone and really often filter the calls AHAHAHAH

4) 10 things I never do :

- throw my tissues in the garbage ! I have tons of tissues in my pockets ;-)
- feed the hens ! My husband does ;-)
- kill a spider ! I always take it outside in our garden (because she eats flies ahahah)
- take the dustbins in front of the house. My husband does ! Because he's the first to go out AHAHAH
- smile to people that I don't like ! I can't be hyprocrite !
when people are not kind, I can't be kind either !
- wear new clothes whithout washing them a first time (it's the same for my kids !)
- leaving house without looking if doors are well closed (several times like someone who has toc)
- wearing dark blue clothes (I only can wear jeans) but no dark blue t-shirt or sweats,...
- tell the deep thought I have in my head AHAHAAHHA
- go away with dirty hair !

So, I hope you enjoy to discover these facts about me !!