09 juin 2009

With a few good friends

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inge a dit…

hello Sandrine,

thanks for passing by at Pinkepinke !! Isn't it strange that you discover each other in the same country through an artist in the US ?

I'm really a follower of what Michelle Ward makes and tells : I already learned a lot from her !

I see you are a Macfan too !!! :)
and you like to make books too ! I'm following my second year in bookbindinglessons now and learned some really nice bookbindingmethods.
I had a quick look through your photos and it seems you like bold colors too :)
I really like your birdhouse and the way you embellished the box for paperhandkerchiefs , especially the way you used the buttons.

maybe till a next time ?

greetings from Flanders in Belgium( near Ghent)

PS : I know it's not good that my French is so bad... so I write in English to you... At least : if we understand each other, that's what matters ! Not ?

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for sharing :)