19 avril 2010

10 facts about me ;-)

My friend Nessa asked me to answer some questions about me ;-) tèhèhèhèhèhè !
so here I am with these questions she asked me !

1) 10 things I adore more than others !! :

- the smell of the new paper (like new book, new magazine,...) I can be treated as crazy when I turn pages of a brand new book and put my nose near the book, close my eyes and smell it in the middle of the bookstore aahahahaha)
- craft ! I am a crafter and I can't live without making, creating things ! My mind and my hands need to create !
- cheese ! I am a cheeseholic ! every cheese from any country ! even with strong odor ;-)
- scrapbooking products ! stamps, papers, embellishments,.... it's an addiction... again... sigh sigh (but I don't want to be cured AHAHAHAH)
- Dr House, Pravite Practice, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Damages, Lie to me, Lost, Heroes,.... I'm big big fan of tv series !!!
- My kids !! My two kids, Louis who's nearly 6 and Charlotte who will be 3 in august ! They are my everyday inspiration !
- I'm a japan addict ! I think I'm turning japanese AHAHAHAH ! I'd lote to visit Japan one day ! but before I'm dreaming of with my japanese addictions : sushis, bento, zakka, japanese craft/sewing books !!,.....
- I love home decorations ! Curtains, frames, lights, cushions, furnitures,....
- Cook books ! Even if I have to eat light and healthier food (I'm a lapband girl for two months now and I have to pay attention how I eat !), I love to cook and I love cook books !
- My house & my HUGE garden ! I love them so much ! I am happy to be the owner of such a paradise's corner ahahahah !

2) 10 things I hate :

- hypocrisy
- stupidity
- maggot !! EEEEEKKKKK it's really a phobia ! all these insects that look like, earthworms, slugs,.... eeeeeekkkk I can feel faint ! really !!!! but I do love snakes !
- spelling errors
- crowd ! I don't like to be somewhere there are a lot of people ! for ex. when I go to a concer, I have to concentrate to the singer and not people around me ! I already fell faint during Björk's concer years ago !!
- noise ! I love silence or calm ! I love music but I can stay hours without any sound around ! I need it !
- I often hate myself when I can't answer and retort or refut to people who talk to me like if I were a stupid blond without intelligence ! I am a peace maker and because of that I have the habit to shut up my mouth ! BUT I HATE THAT ! I'd love to be stronger ! even more because my IQ is higher than these stupid people who treat me bad !
- to be cold !! I love to hot AAHAHHAHA
- to procrastinate ! even if I am specialist of procrastination, I hate that !
- smoke of cigarette !

3) 10 (good or bad) habits I have :

- procrastinate
- forget ! I'm an absent minded and often forgotten things !!
- collect things that can be used later (as second hand, or giving a second life to objects)
- recycle ! we try to recycle a lot here and we have also have a compost and food wastes are recycled by our 10 hens !!
- saying bad words or profanities !! ooooooppps !!
- do not use all the scrapbooking items I have instead of wanting so badly new ones ahahahaha
- do not answer (in time) to emails people sent me ! sometimes I totally forgot ! Sorry !
- I am a recluse ^-^
- I rarely finsih my meal !
- I hate to pick up the phone and really often filter the calls AHAHAHAH

4) 10 things I never do :

- throw my tissues in the garbage ! I have tons of tissues in my pockets ;-)
- feed the hens ! My husband does ;-)
- kill a spider ! I always take it outside in our garden (because she eats flies ahahah)
- take the dustbins in front of the house. My husband does ! Because he's the first to go out AHAHAH
- smile to people that I don't like ! I can't be hyprocrite !
when people are not kind, I can't be kind either !
- wear new clothes whithout washing them a first time (it's the same for my kids !)
- leaving house without looking if doors are well closed (several times like someone who has toc)
- wearing dark blue clothes (I only can wear jeans) but no dark blue t-shirt or sweats,...
- tell the deep thought I have in my head AHAHAAHHA
- go away with dirty hair !

So, I hope you enjoy to discover these facts about me !!

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