23 mars 2009

Green Grass Love Fabric

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Karla Dudley a dit…

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??????? YOU DID NOT MAKE ME MAD!!!!!! Girl I am SO sorry if you felt that way. Listen...anyone who knows me knows that I really suck at getting back. I'm always late and dude...it;s a mess. So It's totally not you!!!! In fact today I'm doing a post about blogs and items that I'm loving right now. Of course your in there!!!!!

Thanks for all the links. I think I need to get a bigger Omnirid and green cutting board. I haven't got any fabric yet. Trying to save my pennies at the moment. But I'm looking forward to getting some from the sites you gave me. Do you Skype? Maybe we can do that so we can see each other and you can help me with my first sewing project!!!!!

But until then know that you are awesome and to keep up the beautifulness :)


urban craft a dit…

cool green grass fabric, I think I like it as much as wood grin fabric.